Serious about notes

Why Is It Special

Private and Secure

Notes created with CleverNote go straight to your Google Drive. We never see them and whatever happens to CleverNote, your notes will always be there for you.

Multi-device and Offline

Whether on your phone, desktop, laptop, or ChromeBook, your notes are always available to you, even when you are offline. We constantly ensure that your local notes are in sync with Google Drive.

It's Free

If you start using CleverNote now, while it's still in Beta, it will remain free to use forever. We will never come back and ask you to pay. This is our way of saying thanks for helping to enhance CleverNote.

Why we feel the world needs better notes

Notes have been an important part of my life ever since the halcyon days of Google Notebook. Then, in 2012, Google decided to shutter the product and I, like many others, were forced to find an alternative. Since then the choice has either been risk using a free service, knowing that it was only ever a matter of time before that too disappeared, or pay a monthly and forever be a subscription hostage. Given the obvious drawbacks of both options, that left write my own. So I did. Storing notes on Google Drive brings a whole bunch of unique benefits.

Awesome Features

Privacy Assured

because your notes are saved directly to your Google Drive. We have no access to your notes.

Import from other Notes apps

Want to escape from Evernote, or import your old Catch notes. We've got you covered.

Open notes in tabs or new windows

so you can decide the layout that works best for you.

Tabular notes

which sync with Google Spreadsheets for personal database style applications

Rich text

Notes can be quick plain text notes, or richly formatted

Powerful and quick search

Find notes with a precise character match or fuzzy search

Pricing Plan

Beta user


All features enabled

No limits on number of notes

No limit on number of devices

In fact, as 2Unlimited once said, "No, no limits, we'll reach for the sky"

Everybody else Plan


One time payment

All features enabled

No limits on number of notes

No limit on number of devices

Yes, only one payment, ever. No need for a monthly subscription.

“ I travel a lot, often out of Internet coverage. Having my notes with me at all times has been a game changer.”

Anakin Skywalker

Presidential Hopeful (independent)

“ It sometimes feels like I have two lives. In the office I use my desktop mostly, but in the evenings I'm more of a phone guy. Having my notes synced between all of my devices means they're there whenever and wherever I need them.”

Bruce Wayne


“ Privacy is important to our whole family. That's why using a note service where complete strangers have access to our notes just isn't good enough. We know that our CleverNotes are only visible to us (and those lovely folks at Google).”



“ When you've been around for as long as I have, you come to appreciate the benefits of a Note service that sticks around too. Also, the cost of monthly subscription services can really add up over seven hundred years. ”

Connor MacLeod